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The next big motion-picture filmmaker. Future world-renowned photographers. Tomorrow’s local art gallery curator. Through The Art Effect’s intensive art and media programs, students learn self-expression and professional skills that prepare them for college and beyond. So many more young people are ready to succeed but need help to get there. They need you.

Please help young people gain the skills to follow their dreams by donating today! 

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With his heart pounding, Tariq clicked on the email. This was it, the moment of truth. Was he going to chase his dream of becoming a filmmaker in New York City? Was he going to become the first person in his family to go to college?

Tariq didn’t have an easy childhood: born on the island of Jamaica, he moved at age 9 to the City of Poughkeepsie and struggled to find his place. In 10th grade, Tariq discovered his passion for making films at The Art Effect. With The Art Effect’s guidance—from learning about filmmaking, to receiving mentorship during the college application process, to affording the full cost of attending college—Tariq’s dream became a reality.

“We are pleased to inform you…” He didn’t need to read anymore: Tariq was going to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, class of 2022!

You can make the journey to college accessible to a student in need like Tariq. The Art Effect empowers young people throughout the Hudson Valley through art and media, helping them gain the skills to follow their passions and succeed.

The situation is urgent: Poughkeepsie High School’s graduation rate plummeted to 48% in 2018. In today’s world, a good education is a critical component to success. The Art Effect is dedicated to helping students like Tariq attend college and gain meaningful employment. 100% of youth in The Art Effect’s Art Institute program who apply for college are accepted. Over the past 15 years, our students have been offered over $46 million in scholarships.

“Without the Art Effect, I would not be chasing my dreams at one of the best schools in the world. “Plan as if there are no limits” is a mantra that I learned at The Art Effect and ran with.” — Tariq Gordon, NYU class of 2022