The Art Effect opened up a piece of the world that I didn’t think would be open to my son. It brought out the best in him in the way a traditional classroom would never have.

This is so much more than kids making videos. I’m hoping that the skills that he is honing here will create opportunities for him that I am not able to give him. We’re in Poughkeepsie, not Hollywood. If not for The Art Effect, where else is he going to get that exposure?

— Shirley McIver, mother to Jordan Jones, a student at The Art Effect

With your help, youth from all walks of life can learn new skills — from how to hold a camera to how to work on a team — and gain the support to succeed. The Art Effect’s free youth programs depend entirely on grants and donations from supporters like you.

Your gift will help disengaged youth find their passion and get on a path to success. Please donate today. No gift is too small!

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