Program Options

Animation Mania
Youth will learn the aspects of stop-motion animations and the techniques needed to create them. While working in groups, students will explore their imaginations to create their own short animations.

Art of Music Videos
Youth will get the chance to pick a song and use filmmaking techniques, special effects, and narrative storylines to create their own interesting and visually appealing music video.

Coding for Art
Youth will learn computer programming by learning to create an original interactive game or artwork using computer code. Foundational computer science concepts will be covered as well as art fundamentals such as composition, color theory, and design.

Digital Animation
Youth will design, create and animate their own digital puppets using motion-capture and editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Character Animator, and After-Effects.

Digital Painting
Youth will use Wacom Tablets and Adobe Photoshop to learn the different stages of the digital painting process from the main outline, to shading, and adding color. They will then create their own digital painting masterpiece.

Digital Storybooks
Youth will create their own interactive digital storybook by writing original fiction and digitally animating their own original illustrations.

Youth learn numerous techniques from basic non-linear video editing to more complex skills like color correction and special effects editing. They will compile their edits and share their cuts to see how editing can dramatically change a story.

Experimental Film
Students will learn about shots and angles and the process of filmmaking from all the way from scripting to editing. Youth will experiment with sound, color, time and shot composition to push the boundaries of typical filmmaking and end up with their own unique short films.

Green Screen Editing Class
Youth will learn how to use green screen technology from set-up to how to film in front of one, and finally how to edit the footage into out-of-this-world backgrounds.

Kinetic Typography
Youth will bring words to life by learning video editing and animating to couple meaning with image and movement in short, colorful video poems.

Youth will be professional filmmakers for the day, from brainstorming to scripting, filming to editing. They will begin with a lesson in camera shots and angles and why different ones are so important, then collaborate in groups to create a script and storyboard for their own short narratives. When all their planning is done, they will move on to filming to bring their ideas to life!

Multimedia Animation
Youth will try their hand at different types of animation, from live-action stop-motion animations to claymations to digital motion-capture animations. They will make characters, backgrounds, sound effects, and stories, then use basic stop-motion techniques and Adobe tools to bring their stories to life.

Video Poems
Youth will interpret their own original poems or choose from among their favorites, then film original imagery and create voice-overs to bring their poetry to life.

Public Service Announcement
Youth will pick a topic that they are passionate about and research what message they would like to send. They will then learn the basics of filming, writing and producing to develop an original public service announcement video.

Radio Production
Youth will learn all about the planning process from what goes into producing radio segments to how to script, record, and edit digital audio stories! Fiction and nonfiction options available.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Filmmaking
Youth will learn the basics of the science fiction genre and then script, storyboard and film their own original sci-fi/fantasy narrative short films. Focus will be given to special effects (e.g. telekinesis, super speed, and teleportation).

Screenplay Writing
Youth will learn the proper formatting, techniques, and considerations for writing for the screen, then pitch their ideas to one another and receive critiques to perfect their stories.

Youth will make and publish their own mini magazines by generating content (writing, photography, illustration) and using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to design their layout. Students will walk away with their own professional zines!