Spark Studios

Spark Studios (formerly Drop TV and Media Magic)

Spark Studios Media Producers will learn the ropes of a fully functioning film set while learning workplace skills, receiving training in camera operation and filmmaking techniques, and gaining experience with production software, technology, and the Adobe Creative Suite.  For this position, a positive attitude, creativity, and an ability to work in a diverse team is required. 

Spark Studios is open to young people ages 14-17 who demonstrate an intermediate level of proficiency in videography, filmmaking, and other aspects of production.

UPCOMING PROGRAM: Spark Studios Spring 2019

This spring, Spark Studios youth will collaborate with Hudson River Housing to work as audio engineers on the Sound Cube Project, a community storytelling initiative. 

Spark Studios is 8 weeks, Monday – Thursday from 3:00-5:30 pm each day.

Begins Monday 2/4/19 – Thursday 4/11/19

Applications are due by Friday, January 25, 2019.