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Experience The Art Effect with programs designed for youth in middle school and high school which provide unique, high-quality educational instruction in the arts and media. Students gain technical and creative arts and media skills, as well as social intelligence that will help them succeed in future endeavors, including leadership, communication, and teamwork.

The Junior Art Institute is an innovative program for motivated students and focuses on developing skills in drawing, painting, and filmmaking while helping aspiring artists prepare for intensive visual arts instruction in the Art Institute, high school, and beyond.

Residencies feature professional media/arts educators working with faculty in school districts across the Hudson Valley to bring quality arts and digital literacy education directly into the classroom. In-school and after-school residencies are project-based, learner-driven, and help engage students in a variety of subjects, from science to math to literature, using the arts to reinforce skills and content.

MADLab (Media, Arts, Design Lab), The MADLab program is an after-school arts-based program for Poughkeepsie-based youth ages 14-17. MADLab provides youth with the opportunity to engage with visual and media arts and design careers and gain valuable workforce development skills all while creating projects in painting, photography, and film and earning a stipend.

Spark Studios
Spark Studios is an intermediate-level video production and filmmaking program for students of The Art Effect looking to take their film production skills and professionalism to the next level. Youth work on client-commissioned projects and learn the ropes of a fully functioning film set while earning minimum wage.

Spark Studios is open to young people ages 14-17 who demonstrate an intermediate level of proficiency in videography, filmmaking, and other aspects of production.