Junior Art Institute

Junior Art Institute

A program for arts-interested students ages 11-14.

This innovative program is designed to give students the opportunity to explore digital illustration, digital photography, drawing, painting, filmmaking, and/or mixed media. This program will help define their creative direction in preparation for more advanced visual arts instruction in high school and beyond. We explore the depth of shape, color, line, texture, space and movement.

This summer’s Junior Art Institute will take a child’s love of art to the next level through the discovery of creative self expression while learning new skills in painting, 3-D sculptures, and mixed media. Projects intended for middle school youth ages 11-14 will be adaptable to the level and interest of each student through the “child centered” teaching approach. Junior Art Institute runs five days a week for three individual sessions beginning on July 5 — August 13 at the Barrett Art Center located at 55 Noxon Rd, Poughkeepsie.

Questions? Check out updated FAQs for more information on our policies and procedures, including how to apply for a scholarship, sign up for a membership, and more.