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Help build a stronger community – Opening pathways for youth to bring their dreams to reality.

It’s not just about learning how to make great art — it’s about building stronger communities through partnerships that extend through the studio into workforce development and paid training opportunities.

Your donation will directly benefit The Art Effect’s youth towards their academic and career success. Please donate today!

The Art Effect needs passionate supporters like YOU to partner with us. We are determined, now more than ever, to invest in these young people’s lives through workforce training, college visits, mentorship, and hands-on experience in visual/media arts. Your donation makes a huge difference in bringing their dreams to reality.

We need passionate supporters like you to help.  Will you partner with us to invest in these young people’s lives?

Receiving the Youth with Exceptional Promise Award at this year’s Dutchess County Executive’s Arts Awards, no one would have guessed that Harrison came to The Art Effect with little to no photography or film experience just one year ago. They joined Spark Studios, The Art Effect’s filmmaking program, eager to learn. 

With aspirations of becoming a community leader and wanting to soak up everything The Art Effect has to offer, Harrison joined The Art Effect’s Youth Curatorial Team and the PKX Squad – programs focused on curatorial arts and civic engagement. Now they are planning and curating our first public arts festival, attending meetings with elected officials, and running community engagement events.

The Art Effect prepares youth, like Harrison, for academic and career success through workforce training, college visits, mentorship, and hands-on experiences in the arts. Our affiliation with Barrett Arts Center brings new programs in curation and gallery management to the Trolley Barn. 

Standing at the podium in front of community members in the Trolley Barn during The Art Effect’s first “PK in the Know” event Harrison said, “Today I witnessed my dreams become a reality…It’s great to be surrounded by people who are just as excited about my dream as I am.”


We partner with many wonderful community based organizations here in the Hudson Valley to offer our students paid training opportunities. 

The Art Effect is determined, now more than ever, to empower young people to develop their creative voice to shape their futures and bring about positive social change through the arts. 

Join us in investing in these young people’s lives. Your donation makes a huge difference in bringing their dreams to reality. 
YOU can give The Art Effect.

Carole and Ted Wolf Scholarship Fund
Click here to donate to the Carole and Ted Wolf Scholarship Fund. Leave a donation and a message in loving memory of Ted Wolf.