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“The Art Effect pushes you even farther than you’d think of going. At The Art Effect, everyone knows who you are. Your teachers know you better than you do.”

— Eloisa Morales, graduate of The Art Effect

Especially during these unprecedented times, The Art Effect provides the mentorship, relationship building, and resources young people need to stay on a productive and successful path. Your donation will directly benefit The Art Effect’s teachers and students. Please donate today!

The Art Effect provides young people with a safe place to create.

Eloisa didn’t fit in anywhere at school, but, at The Art Effect, she found her place. She worked her way up to Senior Project, The Art Effect’s most rigorous portfolio development course for talented and motivated high school seniors, with the goal of becoming the first person in her family to attend college.

The Art Effect’s teachers instruct students not only in art skills, but also life skills.

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Eloisa’s teachers knew that she could do great things, perhaps better than she knew herself. When The Art Effect’s teachers and peers critiqued her work, Eloisa learned that it was ok to make mistakes. For her teachers, the most exciting thing was to find something Eloisa thought she couldn’t do — and help her accomplish it.

The Art Effect goes beyond the art studio.

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Now a student at Dutchess Community College, Eloisa continues to stay in touch with The Art Effect. Her teachers at The Art Effect are like family. As she explores career possibilities, she will take the lessons she learned at The Art Effect into uncharted avenues. And we’re here for her, every step of the way.

It’s not just about learning how to make great art — it’s about deepening the bonds that begin in the studio and extend through high school graduation, college attendance, and career success. 

Your donation will directly benefit The Art Effect’s teachers and students. Please donate today!